Digital Dental Scanner (iTero)

Concord Dental Care is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art digital dental scanner which eliminates the need for dental impressions, called iTero. iTero is an advanced dental technology which can be used for multiple purposes, but mainly with orthodontic treatments. Learn more below, or schedule an appointment online.

What is iTero?

Concord CA iTero Scanner: Digital DentistryiTero is an intraoral digital dental scanner that can be used to perform accurate orthodontic scans, such as those required for braces or when undergoing Invisalign therapy. Additionally, it can be used to take teeth scans required for producing custom-fitted restorative dental crowns.

How does the digital dental scanner work?

With the iTero dental scanner, our pediatric dentists are able to quickly and accurately take digital dental scans chair-side using a small, handheld intraoral device. Resulting scans include a full mouth scan with the palate and bite, allowing for easy views. The computer scan by a wand-like instrument is an ideal, convenient option, compared to the traditional method of impressions using putty, which can be uncomfortable and often causes patients to gag.

Once a patient’s mouth has been scanned, the resulting digital scans can seamlessly be sent to a laboratory to fabricate necessary dental devices. The scans and iTero technology can also be used to make accurate measurements including teeth width, arch width, canine distance and overbite/overjet measurements.

What are the benefits of iTero?

Our iTero digital dental scanner offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Safe, convenient and hassle-free process from start to finish
  • Takes accurate, chair-side dental scans within minutes
  • Eliminates need for taking traditional dental impressions, which can be uncomfortable for pediatric patients
  • Results in fewer fit issues due to precise digital scans
  • Can accurately simulate orthodontic outcomes so patients can visualize how their teeth will look following treatment
  • Shortens the length of office visits
  • Shortens the turnaround time between scanning, device fabrication and undergoing treatment

Learn More About iTero and Digital Dental Scans in Concord

To learn more about iTero, our cutting-edge digital dental scanner, call our office at (925) 682-8566 or request an appointment at Concord Dental Care by filling out the form on this page.

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